French Vocabulary: Idiomatic Expressions with METTRE

French Vocabulary: Idiomatic Expressions with METTRE

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French Vocabulary: Idiomatic Expressions with METTRE
le vocabulaire français: des expressions idiomatiques avec METTRE

  • Idioms are fixed expressions with a figurative meaning.
  • Learn to use idioms with METTRE to sound more like a native speaker of French.


mettre à jour
to bring up to date

mettre au point
to fine-tune / to adjust

mettre des bâtons dans les roues de quelqu’un
to throw a monkey wrench into someone’s plans

mettre en contact
to put in touch

mettre en garde contre
to warn someone against

mettre en marche
to get something started / to get something going

mettre en oeuvre
to make use of / to implement

mettre en relief
to emphasize

mettre en service
to put into service / to put into operation

mettre en train
to get something underway

mettre fin à quelque chose
to put an end to something

mettre les bouts / mettre les voiles
to leave / to scram

mettre le couvert / mettre la table
to set the table

mettre le feu à quelque chose
to set fire to something

mettre la main au feu
to swear to something

mettre quelque chose en lumière
to bring something to light / to bring something out in the open

mettre quelqu’un à la porte
to throw someone out / to fire someone

mettre quelqu’un au courant
to bring someone up to date / to inform someone

mettre quelqu’un en boîte
to make fun of someone

mettre quelqu’un en quarantaine
to give someone the silent treatment

mettre quelqu’un sur la voie
to put someone on the right track

ne pas mettre tous les oeufs dans le même panier
to not put all your eggs in one basket

mettre sens dessus dessous
to turn things upside down

mettre du soin à faire quelque chose
to take care in doing something


Il ne me parle pas. Il me met en quarantaine.
He is not talking to me. He’s giving me the silent treatment.

Il faut mettre la table avant de dîner.
We have to set the table before eating dinner.

Leurs parents ont mis fin aux manigances.
Their parents put an end to the shenanigans.

Pauvre Luc! On l’a mis à la porte!
Poor Luc! They fired him!

Mettons en marche la fête!
Let’s get this party started!