Spanish Grammar: Nosotros Commands

Spanish Grammar: Nosotros Commands

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Spanish Grammar: Nosotros Commands
la gramática española: los imperativos – nosotros

  • Imperatives are also known as command forms.
  • Ask people to do things in the [nosotros] form.


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In Spanish, when you want to talk about cooperating and getting involved, use the nosotros commands (imperatives). In the case of the nosotros commands, these are used to make a suggestion and express the idea of “let’s” .  If you want to be able to make suggestions in Spanish, you will need to understand the nosotros commands.

To make a suggestion:

¡Esperemos a tu hermano!
Let’s wait for your brother!

¡Hablemos de otra cosa!
Let’s talk about something else!

Let’s eat!

Both affirmative and negative nosotros (we) commands are formed as follows:

1. Start by conjugating the verb in the YO form (first-person singular)

2. Drop the ‘o’ from the conjugated verb.

For –AR verbs, add –EMOS to the end. (sometimes called “opposite endings”)
For –ER and –IR verbs, add –AMOS to the end. (sometimes called “opposite endings”)

hablar -> hablo -> habl*

Let’s speak!

leer -> leo -> le*

Let’s read!

escribir -> escribo -> escrib*

Let’s write!

tener -> tengo -> teng*

Let’s get (have)!

There are a few exceptions to the above.

Stem-changing –IR verbs change as follows:

o -> u verbs (o changes to u)
dormir -> ¡Durmamos!
Let’s sleep!

e -> i verbs (e changes to i)
example: pedir -> ¡Pidamos!
Let’s ask!

When you use reflexive verbs, drop the s of the conjugated verb before adding nos. Otherwise, add all object pronouns directly to the end of the conjugated form.

levantemos + nos = ¡Levantémonos!
Let’s stand up!

sentemos + nos = ¡Sentémonos!
Let’s sit down!

To form the negative, just put NO before the verb.

¡No hablemos!
Let’s not talk!

¡No trabajemos!
Let’s not work!

There are a few verbs with irregular nosotros commands.

ir -> ¡Vamos!
Let’s go!

saber -> ¡Sepamos!
Let’s know!

ser -> ¡Seamos simpáticos!
Let’s be nice!

Commands can use an inverted exclamation point at the beginning of the command and an upright exclamation point at the end of the sentence.


¡Trabajemos juntos!
Let’s work together!¡Conservemos energía!
Let’s conserve energy!¡Cerremos los ventanas!
Let’s close the windows!¡Vamos a Nueva York!
Let’s go to New York!¡No vayamos a la fiesta!
Let’s not go to the party!

¡No salgamos tarde!
Let’s not leave late!

¡Leamos el libro!
Let’s read the book!

Let’s study!

¡Corramos, los zombies!
Let’s run, zombies!



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