Spanish Grammar: Negative Informal Commands

Spanish Grammar: Negative Informal Commands

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Spanish Grammar: Negative Informal Commands
la gramática española: los imperativos – negativos e informales

  • Imperatives are also known as command forms.
  • Ask people not to do things in the [tú] form.


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To state negative informal (tú) commands for regular [-AR], [-ER], and [-IR] verbs,

1. Make sure that the word NO appears before the verb.
2. Utilize the yo form of the present tense verb.
3. Drop the [-o] ending.

Then, add …

[-AR] Verbs : [-es]
[-ER] & [-IR] Verbs :  [-as]

hablar -> hablo -> habl + es : ¡No hables!
Don’t Speak!

comer -> como -> com + as : ¡No comas!
Don’t eat!

escribir -> escribo -> escrib + as : ¡No escribas!
Don’t write!

There are a few verbs that are irregular for informal commands.

Positive Command
(do something)
Negative Command
(don’t do something)
decir to say, tell di no digas
hacer to do haz no hagas
ir to go ve no vayas
poner to put pon no pongas
salir to leave sal no salgas
ser to be no seas
tener to have ten no tengas
venir to come ven no vengas


¡No vayas en el agua!
Don’t go in the water!¡No seas malicioso!
Don’t be mean!¡No vengas tarde!
Don’t come late!

¡No abras la puerta!
Don’t open the door!



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