Spanish Grammar: The Preposition [CON]

Spanish Grammar: The Preposition CON

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Spanish Grammar: The Preposition [CON]
la gramática española: la preposición [con]

  • Generally means with.
  • Denotes association, or correctly utilizes certain verbs in conversation.


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The Spanish preposition CON generally means “with”.

Certain Verbs: The Spanish preposition CON is paired with certain verbs in order to function correctly. Note how this doesn’t always work when translated to English.

acabar con : to put an end to

contar con : to count on

soñar con : to dream about

Adapting Phrases: The Spanish preposition CON can be used to make certain phrases work like adverbs.

El habla con cuidado.
He is speaking with caution.

Yo vivo con felicidad.
I live happily.

Vamos con prisa.
Let’s go quickly (in a hurry)

Contractions: The Spanish preposition CON is tied to MIGO or TIGO to indicate WITH me or WITH you.

¡Vaya conmigo!
Come with me!

Yo voy contigo.
I’ll go with you.


¿Con qué sueña usted?
What do you dream of?

¿Con quién puedo contar?
Who can I count on?

¿Con quién va usted?
Who are you going with?

¿Quién va contigo?
Who is going with you (familiar)?

¿Cuándo van conmigo?
When will they come with me?

¿Por qué debo caminar con cuidado
Why should I walk carefully?


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