Spanish Grammar: The Verb [SER] with Possession

Spanish Grammar: The Verb SER with Possession (SER + DE)

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Spanish Grammar: The Verb [SER] with Possession
la gramática española: el verbo [ser] con la posesión

  • The verb ser means to be, it is an irregular verb.
  • May indicate possession or ownership.


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The Verb SER : TO BE
(Present Indicative Tense)
yo SOY I am
ERES you are
él / ella / usted ES he / she is – you are
nosotros SOMOS we are
vosotros SOIS y’all are 
ellos / ellas / ustedes SON  they / you all are

The verb SER means to BE(I am, you are, he/she is … )

The verb SER is used in many different kinds of expressions, like indicating ownership or possession when used with the preposition DE.

El libro ES DE mi amigo.
The book is of my friend.
(My friend’s book.)

La casa ES DE mi madre.
The house is of my mother.
(My mother’s house.)

El carro ES DE mi hermano.
The car is of my brother.
(My brother’s car.)


¿De quién es este libro?
Whose book is this?

Es mi libro.
It is my book.

¿Es su bicicleta?
Is this your bicycle?

No, la bicicleta es de mi hermano.
No, the bicycle is of my brother (My brother’s bicycle).

¿De quién es este carro?
Whose car is this?

El carro es de mi padre.
The car is of my father (My father’s car).



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