Spanish Grammar: The Verb [SER] – Basics

Spanish Grammar: The Verb SER - Basics

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Spanish Grammar: The Verb [SER] – Basics
la gramática española: el verbo [ser] – los básicos

  • The verb ser means to be, it is an irregular verb.
  • May be used in a wide variety of expressions.


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The Verb SER : TO BE
(Present Indicative Tense)
yo SOY I am
ERES you are
él / ella / usted ES he / she is – you are
nosotros SOMOS we are
vosotros SOIS y’all are 
ellos / ellas / ustedes SON  they / you all are

The verb SER means to BE(I am, you are, he/she is … )
SER is one of the first verbs you’ll need to know to speak Spanish!

The verb SER is used in many different kinds of expressions.

Origin: Telling people where you are from.

Yo soy de los estados unidos.
I am from the United States.

Nationalities: Identifying your nationality.

¿Tú eres estadounidense?
Are you an “united-statesian”?

Descriptions: Describing characteristics of people, places, and things.

Mi amiga es alta y inteligente.
My friend (fem.) is tall and intelligent.

Time: Telling time.

es la una y media de la tarde.
It is one-thirty in the afternoon.

Possession: Indicating ownership (with ser + de).

El libro es de mi amigo.
The book is of my friend. (My friend’s book.)

Professions and Titles: Identifying the professions, titles, and ranks of different people.

Ellos son profesores.
They are professors.


¿De dónde es usted?
Where are you from?

Yo soy de los Estados Unidos.
I am from the United States.

¿Sus amigos son alemanes?
Are your friends German?

No, mis amigos no son alemanes.
No, my friends are not German.

Mi hermana es alta y bonita.
My sister is tall and pretty.

Mi perro es cómico.
My dog is funny.

¿Qué hora es?
What time is it?

Son las cinco.
It’s five o’clock.

¿De quién es este libro?
Whose book is this?

Es mi libro.
It’s my book.

¿Vosotros sois mis estudiantes avanzados?
Are you my advanced students?

No, nosotros no somos sus estudiantes avanzados.
No, we are not your advanced students.



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