Spanish Grammar: Urgency with [TENER]+[QUE]

Spanish Grammar: Urgency with [TENER]+[QUE]

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Spanish Grammar: Urgency with [TENER]+[QUE]
la gramática española: la urgencia con [tener]+[que]

  • The verb [TENER]+[QUE] means to have to (do something).
  • The verb [TENER]+[QUE] can be used to indicate a high level of urgency.


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The verb TENER means to have. It shows possession!


tú TIENES : you HAVE (familiar)

él TIENE : he HAS

ella TIENE : she HAS

usted TIENE : you HAVE (formal)

nosotros(as) TENEMOS : we HAVE

vosotros(as) TENÉIS : y’all HAVE (familiar, plural)

ellos TIENEN : they HAVE (masc. or mixed, plural)

ellas TIENEN : they HAVE (fem., plural)

ustedes TIENEN : you HAVE (formal, plural)


Yo tengo un libro de español.
I have a Spanish book.

Nosotros tenemos una clase de inglés pronto.
We have an English class soon.

¿Tú tienes la tarea para hoy?
Do you have the homework for today?

There are also a number of other expressions that use TENER to communicate different types of feelings like expressing urgency with TENER and QUE.

Notice how the YO, NOSOTROS, and VOSOTROS forms of TENER looks different from the others. This is because TENER is an irregular verb. Check out the lessons on irregular verbs for more details.

Now… TENER QUE together means that one HAS to do something. It’s important and it must be done! Note in the examples how it looks and acts just like it does in English! TENER is conjugated just like you would normally, depending on the subject of the sentence.

Also, if there’s a verb after the TENER+QUE part, it will most likely be INFINITIVE.

Yo tengo que hacer mi tarea.
I have to do my homework.

tienes que sacar la basura.
You have to take out the trash

Él tiene que salir pronto.
He has to leave soon.

Nosotros tenemos que hablar con el doctor.
We have to speak to the doctor.

Ellos tienen que tomar un examen.
They need to take an exam.


¿Qué tiene que hacer hoy?
What do you have to do today?
¿Qué tenemos que hacer ahora?
What do we have to do now?
¿A qué hora tenemos que salir?
What time do we have to leave?
¿Cuándo tengo que hace mi tarea?
When do i have to do my homework?

¿A dónde tiene que ir?
Where do you have to go?

¿Quién tiene que hablar conmigo?
Who has to talk to me?

¿Por qué tienes que trabajar?
Who has to talk to me?

¿Usted tiene que tomar el examen?
Do you have to take the exam?



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