French Reading Selections: Le Sport

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Terra: Fútbol in Alajuela, Costa Rica

Soccer is not a sport, it’s an experience. The game pervades every aspect of daily life, making it less of a sport and more of a cultural phenomenon. It is a spectacle on par with weddings and festivals, an opportunity to participate should never be missed. Alajuela, Costa Rica is not a major city, more […]

Spanish Vocabulary: Soccer

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Soccer el vocabulario español: el fútbol Soccer is an international sport. Create connections and facilitate friendships. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics … Study el aficionado : fan Yo soy un aficionado de fútbol. I’m a fan of soccer. el árbitro : referee El árbitro corre rápido. The referee […]

Spanish Vocabulary: Sports

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Sports el vocabulario español: los deportes Sports are a true international interest, in business and play. Sporting events brings the world together. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics … Study la banca : bench Hay doce jugadores en la banca. There are twelve players on the bench. el campeón : champion/winner (masc.) El es […]