French Grammar: Commands with Object Pronouns

… Identify: French Grammar: Commands with Object Pronouns la grammaire française: l’impératif avec les pronoms Study: You can attach certain Direct Object Pronouns, Indirect Object Pronouns, Reflexive Pronouns, and the Adverbial Pronouns [Y] and [EN] to command forms! It’s important to pay attention to whether a command is affirmative or negative, since this will affect the order in which the object pronouns are […]

French Grammar: Imperatives – Construction and Form

… Identify: French Grammar: The Imperative (Command Form) – Construction la grammaire française: l’impératif – conjugaison Study: Imperatives (commands) are words that are used to give instructions, or to ask or tell a person to do (or not do) something. If you want to be able to tell someone how or what to do (or […]