French Vocabulary: Small Animals

… Identify: French Vocabulary: Small Animals le vocabulaire français: les petits animaux Cute is cute, in any language. French people keep dogs and cats as pets, too! Study: un castor : beaver Les castors construisent des barrages. Beavers build dams. un chat / une chatte : cat J’ai un chat noir et une chatte blanche. […]

Spanish Vocabulary: Small Animals

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Small Animals el vocabulario español: los animales pequeños Different countries consider different kinds of animals to be pets. Identify and correctly name various species of small animals and pets. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics … Study la ardillita : chipmunk La ardillita come los nueces. The chipmunk eats nuts. la […]

Hispanic Culture: Social Courtesies and Small Talk

Hispanic Culture: Social Courtesies and Small Talk Spanish and Latin American societies tend to be quite traditional; strict conventions govern social behavior. Although economic, social, and political events have brought about many changes in the makeup of society and in the roles of both men and women, a strong sense of family still prevails and […]