Overwatch – Overanalyzed – Emotional Intelligence / Discipline and Tilt

… Created by Professor Michael Van Etten, Professor of World Languages at Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC). Director of eSports. Member of FLCC Athletics. … Related Media: YT / BigThink : Daniel Goleman Introduces Emotional Intelligence YT / TedXTalks : The Power of Emotional Intelligence YT / YaleUniversity : Emotional Intelligence – From Theory to Practice […]

Spanish Grammar: Imperfect Past Tense with Regular [-IR] Verbs

… Identify Spanish Grammar: Imperfect Regular [-IR] Verbs la gramática española: verbos regulares [-ir] en el imperfecto Expresses a variety of actions occurring in the past. Properly frame a story and express ongoing or recurring actions. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: The Imperfect Past Tense – Basics … 60-Second Spanish Grammar Lesson Coming Soon! … Study […]