Aero: Alaiza Dominguez – Costa Rica 2015 – Biodiversity


Aero: Alaiza Dominguez – Costa Rica 2015 – Biodiversity
Creative Commons Image via The LEAF Project

Aero: Alaiza Dominguez – Costa Rica 2015 – Biodiversity


Alaiza Dominguez

Costa Rica is the home of some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It’s very easy to see how much Costa Ricans care for their country. The biodiversity and respect for the environment is one of many things pulling me back to Costa Rica. Working someplace like the eco farm we visited or Zoo Ave would be a dream come true. I cannot wrap my mind around how many plants, animals, and locations were valued and protected.

Nearly every day in Alajuela was hot and sunny. Arenal had a few rainy days but overall was great. Cartago and San Jose were warm and sunny as well. And for the most part, the rain and cloud forests treated us well. While hiking el rio celeste during a downpour I ended up ankle deep in mud but the breathtaking views I was lucky enough to see prior to the heavy rain made every slip and slosh worth it. The rain never lasted long anyways.


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On our last day in Costa Rica, my host family traveled to their farm in Vara Blanca. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and the temperature was comfortable. But if you look at my pictures from the day it would seem otherwise. We were so far above sea level that clouds were rolling past us. One minute everything would be blue, the next it’d seem foggy, then it’d be back to bright blue. It was incredible.

Besides great weather, volcanos and coati were two very memorable things I could regularly see from the car window. Those are things I would never see at home. Car rides were a really great way to sight see. I never would have expected to see so many amazing things from a moving vehicle. One ride that still amazes me was one where our tour guide spotted sloths from the van and we pulled over to see them and also came across a large male iguana. On another road trip, we were stuck in traffic as a herd of cows and a lone farmer nonchalantly trotted down the left lane.

Costa Rica is a beautiful, diverse, and eco-conscious country. There are so many different things to experience in such a small country it’s hard to believe. You could spend a few hours walking in the city and in under an hour be hiking in the rainforest or on a beach. I would be honored to travel to Costa Rica again.

Alaiza Dominguez
LEAF Contributor