Aero: Autumn Clearwater-Day – Costa Rica 2015 – Biodiversity


Aero: Autumn Clearwater-Day – Costa Rica 2015 – Biodiversity
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Aero: Autumn Clearwater-Day – Costa Rica 2015 – Biodiversity



When I first looked out the plane window when arriving to Costa Rica I noticed all the mountains. Costa Rica is filled with hills and mountains, most of our trips were driving up windy roads up the mountains. The first trip was to Arenal and I had about two hours to look out the window at Costa Rica land. Upon the hills I saw the land covered in different types of trees and of coarse, there were palm trees. I was able to see two sloths hanging in the trees and an iguana sitting on a tree branch right next to the road.

While walking through the rainforest it was hard to pinpoint one type of tree. My favorite type of tree was the ones with huge tree trunks, the ones where I couldn’t fit my arms around the trunks. There were trees with huge leaves, long roots that hung from the trees and ones with small leaves. The bottom roots of trees stuck out of the trail and spread across the rainforest. The first time I saw the morph butterfly I was amazed. All I could think of was, “look at that mutant butterfly”; it was blue and three times the size of a butterfly in the United States. While in the rainforest it was warm and muggy, and when it rained it was cold when it hit my skin. I enjoy hiking and it was amazing to hike through the rainforest.


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There were animals that I seen that could only be seen in magazines, or a zoo that were wild in Costa Rica. I seen many birds, such as parrots, crocodiles, iguanas, toucans, sloths, and coati all in the wild. When I visited Zoo Ave it had occurred to me how much Costa Rica finds their animals of importance. Even the money is a perfect example of the importance of animals. The zoo protects many species of animals. There were signs in the zoo that explained the importance of each animal. One sign said that people need to stop eating iguanas for meat so that they don’t become endangered. One part I enjoyed about Costa Rica is the respect to the animal and plant life, every animal and bird was amazing to see; and the biodiversity was so different from home.

Autumn Clearwater-Day
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