Aero: Gabrielle Johnson – France 2014 – Food and Dining


Aero: Gabrielle Johnson – France 2014 – Food and Dining
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Aero: Gabrielle Johnson – France 2014 – Food and Dining


Gabrielle Johnson

French cuisine is considered an art in France. Dining is not just about food and drinks; it is about culture, family, and socializing. France is known for its exquisite cuisine as well as creating some of the best wine in the western world. While on my trip, I was pleased to find that no matter how different and new the dish or drink was; I was not disappointed at all. 

My goal for this trip was to try anything that looked or sounded unfamiliar. I was very fascinated with the cuisine in France. I was especially excited about the desserts. I was so delighted with many of Frances confections, but one that I was lucky enough to taste from the province of Brittany was so fabulous that I have been searching for sources to obtain any Brittany products in the states. My most adventurous meal was in a Vitré restaurant. I decided to order the beef carpaccio, which is a raw beef tenderloin thinly sliced and dressed in vinaigrette. It was by far the strangest and surprisingly most delicious meal I had in France. 

One thing I truly enjoyed was my host family prepared a lot of home cooked meals. Home cooked meals makes a lot of sense in France because eating at restaurant in France can cost a pretty penny. Even, fast food places cost more the France than in the states and the serving sizes are smaller than the US’s standard eating out portion sizes.  Being from the islands myself, we grew up eating whatever was in season and local. This allows you to become very creative with meals. Since, my host family lived in Brittany, most of the produce they bought were manufactured and locally grow. This is something I really respect, and I believes allows the people to stay healthy and maintain a normal body weight.

French Cuisine is known for its richness of taste and its elegant. The French Culture is a very diverse assortment of different regions all put together, which adds to its greatness. France’s identity is based on the historical origins of the nation in Celtic, Gallo-Roman, and Frankish cultures. The name “France” was used to verbally describe people who lived in the lower Rhineland. 

ML@FLCC France 2014 Flickr Gallery

ML@FLCC France 2014 Flickr Gallery

Food trends come and go but the French cuisine will always remain a classic. This statement was a logo for a fine French cuisine restaurant and is very self-explanatory. The French take much time and pleasure with their food. They care for it like no other county, as if it were the most precious thing in the world. In France, food is an artwork; it is a self-expression of its chef. Here, many dishes were created and taken and used all over the world, such as the Peach Melba, croissant, and hundreds and hundreds of other dishes. France is also, one of the top cheese consumers of the world and it is easier to believe when told that over 400 different types of cheeses are offered here. Along with cheese, wine not only originated in France, but has been copied by the world. When we think of wines, the first word that comes to most peoples mind is France. The art and sensitive cultivation of Frances’ vineyards is duplicated from east to west. And yet no one country has yet been able to outshine France is regards to wines. 

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– Gabrielle Johnson

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