Aero: Kevin Urbaitis – Costa Rica 2015 – My Expectations


Aero: Kevin Urbaitis – Costa Rica 2015 – My Expectations
Creative Commons Image via The LEAF Project

Aero: Kevin Urbaitis – Costa Rica 2015 – My Expectations


Kevin Urbaitis
CR@FLCC 2015

I have traveled a good deal in my life but never to a place like Costa Rica.  I have been all over the United States traveling to California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Maryland, Virginia and so on.  I have also been to various locations throughout Canada.

I have a feeling that the Costa Rica trip will trump all these traveling experiences for me.  This will be the first time in my life where I am truly going to be stepping into and be immersed in a completely new culture.  It will be interesting to see what life and the people are like in Costa Rica compared to what I am accustomed to in the United States.  I am excited to try and see new things that I have never seen before in my life; whether it is trying new and different foods and drinks that are not readily available or common in the United States, all the way to exploring the rain forest and a volcano.  I fully believe that Costa Rica hosts a variety of new experiences that I will truly find amazing and beneficial to learning.


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While leaving behind family and friends is not a new experience for me, I am excited to meet and grow close with a new group of people that I can share a bond with.  It will be great to meet people in Costa Rica that I can stay in touch with and connect with for the rest of my life.  While this is this is the first time in my life that I have taken Spanish, I hope that this trip will vastly improve my Spanish speaking skills.  I think that being fully immersed in Spanish will greatly benefit me in this goal to improve my Spanish vocabulary and speaking.  I think that the people of Costa Rica will be tolerant to my lack of knowledge in the Spanish language, and will help me develop my Spanish skills as much as they can.

While I do not know much about the people and culture of Costa Rica now, I know that I will quickly discover what daily life is like there.  In my head, I like to think that Costa Rica is much more laid back and easy going compared to the very professional and business like atmosphere that exists in the United States.  Lastly, I am greatly looking forward to the warmer climate in Costa Rica.  I have never traveled this close to the equator, it will be nice to enjoy very warm temperatures in the middle of January, something that does not exist in New York during this time of year.

Kevin Urbaitis
LEAF Contributor