Folium: APOD – Flying Over the Earth at Night

Folium: APOD - Flying Over the Earth at Night

Folium: APOD - Flying Over the Earth at Night

Folium – APOD: 2012 March 5 – Flying Over the Earth at Night

This post isn’t so much about languages as it is about perspective.

Too many people live the same kind of life. They are born in a certain place. They live and play in or near that place. They go to school in that place, graduate, and attend college near that place. And for most, near can be relative to city, state, or even region. They’ll get a job that’s, again, relatively close by, and will resign their life to a hundred-mile radius. Their “bubble” is their world, and they’ll never need to leave that bubble for the rest of their lives.

This terrifies me. And I think that everyone needs to learn how to “zoom out” and put things into perspective. Success doesn’t need to be local. “Close-by” doesn’t necessarily mean safe.

I want you to watch this video. Crank it up to 1080p HD, it’s worth it. I want you to take a good look at the earth, shot from the international space station (yet another reason among many to keep our space program alive!)

These lights are homes, businesses, cities, and countries. In less than three seconds millions of people go flying by. This is our planet. You live here! And more importantly, you can go anywhere! Learning languages and cultures lets you go anywhere you want! You can teach anywhere, sell anywhere, help anywhere, write anywhere, cook anywhere, build anywhere. If you can dream it, you can do it anywhere!

Never be content in your bubble. Never limit yourself to one city, one country, one continent. Conquer the world!

So go. Go now. Now… And while you’re waiting to leave, read up on NASA, APOD, and this big blue marble of ours.