Folium: Home Is Where The Food Is via

Folium: Home Is Where The Food Is via

Folium: Home Is Where The Food Is via

Folium: Home Is Where the Food Is via

There is no cooking like Momma’s cooking, right? There is also nothing like eating Momma’s cooking at home. My memories of Mom’s home-cooking vary from the not-so-great home-grown green beans and over-done pork chops to the delicious homemade breads and cookies. There are families with Dads, an aunt or, for the very lucky, a grandma who cooks. No matter who is behind the stove, the combination of preparing food in a home kitchen, from familiar local ingredients and serving it on the family table linens, says “home”.

How many college students come home that first time and wax-philosophic over the delights of the food at home. Even what seems like a mundane midweek meal of grilled chicken and rice becomes manna after the dining hall.

Travel can be the same. We all love luxury restaurants with native cuisine or the famous street food that we research before our journey. After a while, what we travelers really long for is to eat “at home”. Not necessarily our home, because after all we are trying to experience another culture, but someone’s home. A place where there aren’t waiters or a line beckons to us.

Problem solved! Thanks to Home Food, you can arrange dinner created by Momma (not your mom, but somebody’s mom). Home Food is an online tool that connects travelers with an Italian “Cesarina” (home chef) near your vacation destination. The website pairs a cesarina with visitors for an evening of authentic Italian cuisine paired with Italian wines in a genuine Italian home. Despite the fact that neither native nor visitor speaks each other’s language well, the language of food connects all around the table.

Classe Touriste beautifully chronicles one such dinner in the town of Sulmona, in the Abruzzo region of Italy, wonderful photos and tantalizing descriptions take us through an extraordinary meal of native Italian specialties, cooked and served by their mother. There are Cesarinas all over Italy, from the North to the South with a concentration in the cities. The cost for an evening of homemade food is about 40 euros per person, wine included (that’s about $52!).

To truly experience a culture, go “home” and enjoy an evening with a real Italian home cook. Everyone around the table will share a wonderful evening and, most of all, the pleasure of experiencing new tastes. The dinners of the Cesarine are an open window to both the gastronomic and cultural world.

Have you ever had an experience with dining in foreign countries?

Did you know that these kinds of services existed?

Christine Gill
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