Folium: The Perks of Being Blind via YouTube

Folium: The Perks of Being Blind via YouTube

Folium: The Perks of Being Blind via YouTube

Folium: The Perks of Being Blind via YouTube

LEAF likes to highlight the awe inspiring diversity of the human race in order to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and get out to experience the rest of the world. We hope, for everyone’s sake, you can learn some things on the way and, rather than keeping each little nugget of knowledge tucked away in the back of your brain like it’s in a lock box with a lost key, we hope you treat each piece of shared wisdom more like free money or a contagious laugh. Spread it thick, my friend. Embrace the world as you know it, just like Tommy Edison does.

Tommy Edison, a blind film critic, (interesting concept, I know) takes his opinions and point of view to YouTube to shed some light on what it’s like to be blind. He’s got a slew of good humored videos based on questions asked by the viewers of his channel, The Tommy Edison Experience. After a solid hour and a half of watching all of his 1-3 minute videos, I’ve decided that this is my favorite: “The Perks of Being Blind.”

Many people often dread the deterioration or loss of a sense, which is understandable for a person having already experienced the pleasures that one or several senses together can bring to your existence. But can you imagine never having had a particular sense? OH, how dreadful!

Well, actually, Tommy would beg to differ. This jovial person is convinced that there are many advantages of being blind, from cheaper electricity bills to the heightened ability of his other four senses. He even says: “You know what’s cool about being blind? There’s no race, I don’t know from beauty. I know people from what comes out of their mouths and what’s in their hearts. That’s how I know people.”

And in my opinion, that’s the most important part. If we are to know a person, and I mean truly understand their story, we must understand how they perceive the world. It matters not how the world perceives them. Get to know the authentic person behind each guise. There is so much to learn from each other, it would be a waste of life not to try.

Have you had a similar experience with sensory deprivation? Have you ever had to explain to someone what it is like to be you? Share your stories and comments with us below!

Alyssa Davis, LEAF Intern


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