Folium: There’s No Place Like Someone Else’s Home via USAToday

Folium: There's No Place Like Someone Else's Home via USAToday

Folium: There’s No Place Like Someone Else’s Home via USAToday

Folium: There’s No Place Like Someone Else’s Home via USAToday

Click your ruby heels together three times and say, “There’s no place like home.”  Even in far-flung and fabulous Oz, Dorothy missed the comforts of her dwelling … a common experience for all travelers.  There really is no place like home—certainly not a hotel.  But the knowledgeable vacationer knows that hotels are designed for tourists, and who wants to just be a tourist?  Instead, how better to get to know a new city or a new country than by living like a local?

Vacation rentals have been available for years and are gaining popularity among vacationers. It’s no wonder, because whether you rent a cottage, condo or house, renting a vacation property can provide all the comforts of home, along with a great value for your money.

If you think renting a vacation home is an opportunity reserved for the rich, think again!  The price is often comparable—or less—than a hotel room.  Online agencies stand ready to rent a spare bedroom, an entire property, or even a tree house to adventurous travelers.  Imagine flying to Madrid and renting an apartment just off the Plaza del Sol for around $65 a night…or flying to Dublin to stay in a flat near the Temple Bar for less than $75 a night.  Such bargain opportunities exist.

The benefits don’t end there.  Most vacation homes come fully furnished.  Many include bed linens, towels and fully-equipped kitchens.  All you need bring are your clothes, personal items and food.

“But in the end, it wasn’t the gratis cocktails or serenity of the courtyard koi pond that won us over. It was the chemistry with Clarke, who has invited us back for a ride in his acrobatic plane, and Houser, a self-described “trusting soul” who doesn’t mind her tenants renting to Airbnb guests because she “collects houseguests” herself.”

Renting a vacation home has to be the most relaxing and convenient vacation experience ever.  Imagine!  No searching for an empty ice machine, no late-night slamming doors, no loud voices or flushing toilets, and no getting up early for a fusty continental breakfast.  Instead, when morning dawns you can enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee and a croissant you purchased yourself from a picturesque corner market.

In these days of high-priced hotels, short-term rentals are becoming a common – and even indispensable – way to travel.  A home stay can offer tourists an authentic, local-immersion vacation, serving as a more comfortable and economical option than a hotel stay.

Christine Gill
LEAF Contributor


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