French Vocabulary: Idioms Related to Food and Eating – Part 3 of 3

French Vocabulary: Idioms Related to Food and Eating - Part 3 of 3

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French Vocabulary: Idioms Related to Food and Eating – Part 3 of 3
le vocabulaire français: des expressions idiomatiques reliées à la nourriture et à l’alimentation

  • Idioms are fixed expressions with a figurative meaning.
  • Learn to use idioms related to food and eating to sound more like a native speaker of French.


manger comme quatre
to eat like a horse

manger à sa faim
to eat one’s fill

manger la grenouille
to take the money and run

manger son pain blanc
to enjoy something while it lasts

manger son pain blanc le premier
to eat one’s cake first / to not save the best for last

manger les pissenlits par la racine
to be pushing up daisies / to be dead

manger sur la pouce
to grab a quick bite to eat / to eat on the go

marcher sur des oeufs
to walk on eggs / to tread lightly

mettre son grain de sel / ramener sa fraise
to put in one’s two cents’ worth / to stick one’s nose in

mettre la main à la pâte
to lend a hand / to help out / to pitch in

mettre du piment dans sa vie
to spice up one’s life

mourir de faim
to be dying of hunger

La moutarde me/lui monte au nez
I’m/He’s losing my/his temper

s’occuper de ses oignons
to mind one’s own business

Oh purée!
Oh darn! / Oh shoot!

pédaler dans la choucroute
to not understand diddly-squat

pleurer comme une madeleine
to cry a lot

prendre le melon
to let something go to one’s head / to get too big for one’s britches

Quelle poire / nouille!
What an idiot!

raconter des salades
to pull someone’s leg / to make up stories

tomber dans les pommes
to faint / to pass out

tourner au vinaigre
to go bad

vouloir le beurre et l’argent du beurre
to have one’s cake and eat it too


Occupe-toi de tes oignons!
Mind your own beeswax!

Mangeons! Je meurs de faim!
Let’s eat! I’m dying of hunger!

Ayant gagné le prix, Guillaume a pris le melon.
Having won the prize, Guillaume let it go to his head.

Je crois que tu me racontes des salades!
I think you’re pulling my leg!

Nous le lui avons expliqué, mais il pédale toujours dans la choucroute.
We explained it to him, but he still doesn’t understand diddly-squat.