Project Resources: How To Effectively Present Your Research Project

Project Resources: How To Effectively Present Your Research Project

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This guide is provided for the benefit of Modern Language students at Finger Lakes Community College. However, the counsel here is probably good enough to satisfy most other academic endeavors. Enjoy!

Define: Synthesis

In general, the noun synthesis (from the ancient Greek σύνθεσις, σύν “with” and θέσις “placing”) refers to a combination of two or more entities that together form something new.

It’s time to make something awesome!

The whole point of the Synthesis Project is to … Synthesize something!

You’ve gotta take that research, and create something new and creative from the raw data! An artifact that represents you, and the passion for your research. This is a topic or concept that concerned you personally, and now it’s time to share that passion with everyone in the class.

Your primary objective is to make a creative product, representing your personal statement about the topic, utilizing the data from your research, in a medium that can clearly and effectively convey that message.

Think outside the box! Do something different, wild, unusual! Do something that you probably wouldn’t do in other classes. This is your chance to completely express your identity and creativity.

What tools can I use to create my project:

No matter what you create, this project must ultimately be expressed in a digital medium (web-based preferably). That means the use of a computer, the internet (most likely) and linking your project to the final task in your Modern Language course.

We have linked below a list of free online services that you can utilize in order to complete the final step of your research project.

Examples of what has been done in the past:

PLEASE NOTE. We have provided you with a link to illustrate what previous students have done in the past.

Because this project has evolved over time, some of theses projects would not completely fulfill all of the requirements that we have in place today. This means that you should NOT DUPLICATE these examples in a quick attempt to finish the project. Do what works for you!

Presenting your project:
  • PRACTICE! Get comfortable presenting your information in front of people.
  • Practice pronouncing tricky words (or foreign-language words) beforehand and get them right when it counts!
  • The presentation date/due date should NOT be the first time you run through your presentation!