Folium: Novalima On World Cafe via NPR

Folium: Novalima On World Cafe via NPR

Folium: Novalima On World Cafe via NPR

Novalima On NPR’s World Café

This isn’t your abuela’s Peruvian flute band.

Well known for drug store kiosks and shopping plazas across America, the peruvian flute band evokes scenes of rugged mountains, majestic condors, and lots of indigenous Peruvians in colorful wool hats.

Novalima doesn’t project any of those images, and perhaps it is a good time for a change.

As the name suggests, Novalima (New – Lima), is a fresh take on Peruvian music and identity. The nine-piece band forges an Afro-Peruvian sound that gives new life and new meaning on what it means to be a modern Latin American.

On NPR’s World Café Novalima shares their sound with us and elaborates on the modern technology it takes to create music while spread out over different continents.

Music is a reflection of culture, which in turn gives us insight into the heart of a people. If this sound is the music of a new generation in Peru, I think I like it. Make sure to listen to the whole show on NPR, via the link below.

Also, are there new Latin sounds that haven’t been discovered yet? What are you listening to? Let us know in the comment below!

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