Spanish Grammar: Adjectives – Basics

Spanish Grammar: Adjectives - Basics

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Spanish Grammar: Adjectives – Basics
la gramática española: los adjetivos – los básicos

  • One of three major categories of words.
  • Describe the attributes of nouns.

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Adjectives are one of three major categories of words.
(nouns, adjectives, verbs)

Adjectives describe people, places or things.

In Spanish, adjectives also reflect grammatical number and gender of the noun being described.

Gender means that certain adjectives will be MASCULINE or FEMININE.

People will reflect gender self-identification guidelines.

Objects will have a single, permanent gender that doesn’t change.

Number means that certain adjectives will be SINGULAR or PLURAL.

One object is most often singular.

Multiple objects are most often plural.

In Spanish, adjectives are most often placed after the noun.

Una casa grande.
A big house.

Un lápiz amarillo.
A yellow pencil.


¿Qué es esto?
What is this?¿Dónde está un lápiz?
Where is a pencil?

¿Quién tiene un carro?
Who has a car?

¿Cómo le gusta el libro?
How do you like the book?

¿Cuándo es la fiesta?
When is the party?

¿Por qué hay tantos perros?
Why are there so many dogs?

¿Cuántos libros hay?
How many books are there?

¿Cuál helado le gustaría?
Which ice cream would you like?



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