Spanish Grammar: Commands with Pronouns

Spanish Grammar: Commands with Pronouns

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Spanish Grammar: Commands with Pronouns
la gramática española: los imperativos con los pronombres

  • Imperatives are also known as command forms.
  • Combines actions with objects.


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You can attach certain direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns to command forms!

If you’re using affirmative commands, the pronouns are attached directly to the end of the verb.

Affirmative Commands:

Ponla en mi escritorio por favor.
Put it in my desk please

Hazlo ahora por favor.
Do it now please.

Tenlo por favor.
Take it please.

If you’re using negative commands, the pronouns go directly before the verb.

Negative Commands:

No lo comas por favor.
Don’t eat it please.

No se lo digas.
Don’t tell it to him.

No la dejes la ropa en el baño.
Don’t leave your clothes in the bathroom.

Finally, if the word (with the command and the attached pronoun) ends up being more than three syllables, an accent mark is added to where the emphasis would usually fall if the word was unchanged.

Dímelo ahora.
Tell it to me now.

Lávalos después de la cena.
Wash them after dinner.

Tráigamelo antes de salir.
Bring it to me before leaving.


¡Cómpremelo por favor!
Buy it for me please!Tráigaselas por favor.
Bring them to him please.

Córtelas muy fino.
Cut them very fine.

Póngaselo aquí.
Put it here.



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