Spanish Grammar: Comparatives – Basics

Spanish Grammar: Comparatives - Basics

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Spanish Grammar: Comparatives – Basics
la gramática española: los comparativos – los básicos

  • Special grammar constructions with adjectives.
  • Compare one person or thing with another.


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Comparatives are expressions used to compare two people or things. In English, comparative adjectives are formed by adding [-ER] to the end of a word or by using more, less, and as. Most comparisons in Spanish use the following phrases and constructions, remember the adjectives need to agree in gender and number with the FIRST noun:

más + (adjective) + que
more (adjective) than

menos + (adjective) + que
less (adjective) than

tan + (adjective) + como
as (adjective) as

When a comparison doesn’t involve an adjective use the following similar constructions:

más que : more than

menos que : less than

tanto como : as much as

There are a few irregular comparative adjectives and adverbs. They agree in number with the first noun.

viejo (age of a person) -> mayor : older

joven -> menor : younger

bueno/bien -> mejor : better

malo/mal -> peor : worse


Mis tíos son mayores que mi tía.
My uncles are older than my aunt.

Mi abuela es más artística que mi padre.
My grandmother is more artistic than my father.

La clase de ciencia es menos divertida que la clase de español.
Science class is less fun than Spanish class.

Tus hermanas son tan serias como la maestra.
Your sisters are as serious as the teacher.

Ana es menor que Jack.
Ana is younger than Jack


Mi esposo no canta tan bonito como yo.
My husband doesn’t sing as well as me.Juana es tan alta que Patricia.
Juana is as tall as Patricia.

El bróculi es mejor que el coliflor.
Broccoli is better than cauliflower.

Él es mayor que yo.
He is older than I.

Este tren es más rápida que ése.
This train is faster than that one.

El nuevo restaurante es menos caro que el antigua.
The new restaurant is less expensive than the old one.

Mi maleta pesa menos que su mochila.
My suitcase weighs less than your backpack.

El avión es más grande que el barco.
The plane is bigger than the boat.


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