Spanish Grammar: Comparisons of Quantity

Spanish Grammar: Comparisons of Quantity

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Spanish Grammar: Comparisons of Quantity
la gramática española: las comparaciones de cantidad

  • Special grammar constructions with adjectives.
  • Quantity is used with different amounts of nouns.


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Comparisons of Quantity are used to compare the quantities of two different things / kinds of things! Make sure not to confuse them with Comparisons of Equality or Inequality.

 And actually, comparisons of quantities include types of comparisons of equality and inequality. We’ll use the word TANTO (as much/many) to connotate quantities, and it changes in number and gender according to the object that you’re quantifying!

Tanto + object (masc/fem/singular/plural) + como

Tanto dinero (el dinero)
As much money

Tanta prisa (la prisa)
In as much of a hurry

Tantos libros (los libros)
As many books

Tantas computadoras (las computadoras)
As many computers

When we use actions instead of objects, we use VERB + TANTO + COMO.

Yo no estudio tanto como mi hermana.
I don’t study as much as my sister.

¡Yo como tanto como mi perro!
I eat as much as my dog!


No tengo tanto dinero como Bill Gates.
I don’t have as much money as Bill Gates.

¡No vayas con tanta prisa!
Don’t go in such a hurry!

No tengo tantos libros como la biblioteca.
I don’t have as many books as the library.

Yo estudio tanto como ellos.
I study as much as they do.


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