Spanish Grammar: Stem-Changing Irregular Verbs – [E] to [IE]

Spanish Grammar: Stem-Changing Irregular Verbs - [E] to [IE]

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Spanish Grammar: Stem-Changing Irregular Verbs – [E] to [IE]
la gramática española: los verbos irregulares con cambios en el raíz – [e]-[ie]

  • Indicates action in a sentence.
  • Some verbs change in the root or stem from [e] to [ie].


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Remember, that when we are talking about conjugating verbs, there are regular verbs and irregular verbs. All verbs (regular and irregular) have the same endings. But there can be many differences in the root or stem of the verb.

Irregular verbs are verbs that have these changes in the root or stem of the word.

As you may have noticed, some irregular verbs can be grouped together. In these cases the verbs are NOT grouped by meaning or purpose, but rather just in the way that they are spelled.

Irregular verbs with changes in the first-person.

Other groups are gathered by the changes they make in the root or stem.

Stem-changing verbs (e-ie)
Stem-changing verbs (e-i)
Stem-changing verbs (o-ue)

Here are some verbs that change in the root or stem from /e/ to /ie/. However, remember that these changes may not occur in all forms!

cerrar : to close / shut

él/ella/usted CIERRA
nosotros CERRAMOS
vosotros CERRÁIS
ellos/ellas/ustedes CIERRAN

entender : to understand

él/ella/usted ENTIENDE
vosotros ENTENDÉIS
ellos/ellas/ustedes ENTIENDEN

Here is a list of other common irregular e-ie verbs!
Remember, there are even more that aren’t on the list!

comenzar : to start
empezar : to begin
hervir : to boil
mentir : to lie
perder : to lose
preferir : to prefer


¿Qué prefiere usted?
What do you prefer?

¿Dónde comienza él?
Where does he begin?

¿Quién no entiende?
Who doesn’t understand?

¿Quién pierda?
Who is losing?

¿Cómo empiezo la tarea?
How do I begin the homework?

¿Cuándo hiervo la pasta?
When do I boil the pasta?

¿Por qué no cierra la puerta?
Why didn’t you close the door?

¿Cuáles mientan?
Which ones are lying?



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