Spanish Grammar: Subjunctive with Volition

Spanish Grammar: The Subjunctive - Volition

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Spanish Grammar: Subjunctive with Volition
la gramática española: el subjuntivo con la voluntad

  • The subjunctive is a verb mood, not a tense in terms of time.
  • Utilized with volition or influence.


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The subjunctive is used when we do not know if the action will take place. If we know that it is or will be a reality, the indicative is used. The subjunctive is used to express doubt, how a person feels about an action or state of being, a wish, intent or command. It can also be used to express facts that are the opposite of reality.

The subjunctive in Spanish is triggered when someone expresses volition (feelings of want, wish, or desire over another). Look for verbs that demand action from another person/thing.

Yo espero que vayas a la clase.
I hope that you come to class.

Yo prefiero que no salga tan tarde.
I prefer that you don’t leave so late.

Yo quiero queregreses a las ocho.
I want you to return at eight o’clock.


Yo sugiero que usted tome el examen.
I recommend that you take the exam.

Yo insisto que usted pague la cuenta.
I insist that you pay the check.

¡Nosotros pedimos que vayan a dormir, por favor!
We ask you to go to sleep, please!



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