Spanish Grammar: The Verb [ENCANTAR]

Spanish Grammar: The Verb ENCANTAR

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Spanish Grammar: The Verb [ENCANTAR]
la gramática española: el verbo [encantar]

  • The verb [ENCANTAR] means to be very pleasing (to love something).
  • Express loving or not loving things.


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The verb ENCANTAR lets people really like things! (To be enchanted with something). HOWEVER, ENCANTAR is very different than really liking in English.

ENCANTAR resembles the verb GUSTAR, it conjugates in exactly the same way!

ENCANTAR technically means IT ENCHANTS (Really like…) (me, you, him, her, us, etc…)

ME ENCANTA(N) : I really like

TE ENCANTA(N) : You really like

LE ENCANTA(N) : he/she really likes

LE ENCANTA(N) : you really like (formal)

NOS ENCANTA(N) : we really like

OS ENCANTA(N) : y’all really like (familiar, plural)

LES ENCANTA(N) : they really like

LES ENCANTA(N) : you really like (formal, plural)

There are only TWO ways the verb ENCANTAR can be conjugated. Either ENCANTA or ENCANTAN.

ENCANTA = Singular. Only one thing or activity “is enchanting” to someone.

Me encanta la pizza.
Pizza pleases me – I love pizza.

¿Te encanta la clase?
Does the class please you” – Do you really like the class?”

ENCANTAN = Plural. More than one thing “is enchanting” to someone

Me encantan las verduras.
Vegetables please me. – I really like vegetables.

¿Te encanta las películas?
Do movies please you. – Do you really like movies?

When using ENCANTAR with one verb, or many verbs, you’ll always use the singular form (ENCANTA).

Me encanta trabajar.
Work pleases me – I love to work.

¿Te encanta jugar fútbol?
Does playing soccer please you – Do you love to play soccer?

The indirect object pronouns (ME, TE, LE, NOS, OS, LES) help us understand TO WHOM is the NOUN/VERB pleasing! This is the part that changes according to who we are talking about!


¿Qué le encanta aprender en la escuela?
What do you love to learn in school?
¿Qué le encanta más de todo?
What do you love more than anything?
¿A dónde le encantaría ir en vacaciones?
Where do you love to go on vacation?

¿A quién le encanta el helado?
Who loves ice cream?

¿Por qué no le encanta el chocolate?
Why don’t you love chocolate?

¿Por qué le encantan los libros?
Why do you love books?

¿Cuál le encanta?
Which one do you love?

¿A usted le encanta dormir?
Do you love to sleep?



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