Spanish Reading Selections: The Flu – General Health

Spanish Reading Selections: The Flu – General Health

Creative Commons Image via The LEAF Project

A word about reading texts in their original language:

  • This is freaking hard!
    • Yup. Languages can be complicated!
  • Can’t I just use Google translate on this stuff and read it in English?
    • I guess you could…
  • Then why should I read this?
    • Because reading texts like this can accelerate your language learning.
  • So, what should I do?
    • We don’t expect you to translate the entire text!
    • Work with the words you do know.
    • Remember what you studied, and find examples of that in the text!

Influenza y el embarazo...

Influenza y el embarazo…

No hay excusas...

No hay excusas…

La salud y el bienestar...

La salud y el bienestar…


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