French Grammar: Adjective Agreement

Identify: French Grammar: Adjective Agreement la grammaire française: l’accord adjectif Making nouns (les substantifs) and adjectives (les adjectifs) match each other in number and gender is extremely important when learning French. Matching nouns and adjectives in French is called adjective agreement (l’accord adjectif). French is not like English! If you don’t watch grammatical number (le nombre) and gender (le […]

French Grammar: Adjective Placement – Basics

Identify: French Grammar: Adjective Placement – Basics la grammaire française: la disposition des adjectifs – une introduction In French, the position of adjectives (adjective placement) is very important.  French adjectives usually go AFTER most nouns.  But some adjectives go before nouns.  If you don’t arrange your nouns and adjectives correctly, French-speaking people won’t understand what […]

Spanish Grammar: Adjective Agreement

… Identify Spanish Grammar: Adjective Agreement la gramática española: el acuerdo de los adjetivos Matching characteristics of nouns and adjectives in a sentence. Add detail and context by adding descriptions. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Adjectives – Basics … 60-Second Spanish Grammar Lesson … Study In Spanish, adjectives MUST match the noun they are describing in NUMBER […]