French Grammar: The Verb ALLER – Verb Conjugation Chart

… ALLER : TO GO Infinitive ALLER Conjugation IRREGULAR Present Participle ALLANT Past Participle ALLÉ … Simple Tenses, Indicative Mood: Présent Imparfait Passé Simple Futur je vais (j’) allais (j’) allai (j’) irai tu vas allais allas iras il / elle / on va allait alla ira nous allons allions allâmes irons vous allez alliez […]

French Grammar: The Near Future – [ALLER] + Infinitive

… Identify: French Grammar: The Near Future – [ALLER] + Infinitive la grammaire française: le futur proche – [aller] + l’Infinitif The Near Future (Le Futur Proche) is a way to talk about things that are going to happen.  It indicates the intention to act in the future, and implies that the action is fairly immediate.  […]

French Grammar: The Verb [ALLER]

… Identify: French Grammar: The Verb [ALLER] la grammaire française: le verbe [aller] The verb ALLER means “to go”.  It is used to tell people that something is going to happen. We can use ALLER to let people know what activities are happening soon! The verb ALLER is also used to tell that someone is going […]