Instructional Resources: Synthesis Project Guide

Instructional Resources: Synthesis Project Guide

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Synthesis Project Video Guide

Synthesis Project @ FLCC – Overview
  • Module 1: Resources 

– Verify your understanding of the Synthesis Project creation process.
– Increase working knowledge of the FLCC Library and the FLCC Writing Center.

  • Module 2: Topic 

– Reflect on a topic related to the culture of the target language that is of interest to you
– Submit a research topic, related to the culture of the target language, for a creative project.

  • Module 3: Research 

– Identify at least five credible sources that support your research topic from Module 2.
– Assemble an MLA-formatted bibliography from the sources that you have identified.

  • Module 4: Annotation 

– Create an MLA-formatted annotated bibliography.
– Evaluate your research and begin data extraction.

  • Module 5: Extraction 

– Extract information from your research to use in your final project.
– Organize information and create building blocks for a final project.

  • Module 6: Creation 

–  Design and implement a final creative project based upon your research and findings.

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