Spanish Vocabulary: Common Regular [-ER] Verbs

Spanish Vocabulary: Common Regular [-ER] Verbs

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Spanish Vocabulary: Common Regular [-ER] Verbs
vocabulario español: verbos regulares comunes [-ER]

  • Common verbs that have an [-er] ending in the infinitive.
  • Get comfortable working with regular [-er] verbs.


aprender : to learn

Ella aprende español.
She learns Spanish.

barrer : to sweep

Yo barro el pátio.
I sweep the patio.

beber : to drink

Él bebe un vaso de agua.
He drinks a glass of water.

comer : to eat

Nosotros comemos muy bien.
We eat very well.

cometer : to commit

Ella comete a la causa.
She commits to the cause.

comprender : to understand

Ellos comprenden la tarea.
They understand the homework.

correr : to run

Él corre cada día.
He runs every day.

creer : to believe

Ellos creen en la suerte.
They believe in luck.

deber : to owe / should

Usted no me debe nada.
You don’t owe me anything.

depender : to depend

Ellos me dependen.
They depend on me.

esconder : to hide

Mi gato esconde en la casa.
My cat hides in the house.

exceder : to exceed

No excede el límite de velocidad.
Don’t exceed the speed limit.

leer : to read

Yo leo muchos libros.
I read a lot of books.

meter : to insert / place

Mete el dinero en el sobre.
Place the money in the envelope.

poseer : to possess / own

Él posee un don.
He possesses a gift.

prender : to switch on

Yo prendo la luz.
I switch on the light.

proceder : to proceed

Vamos a proceder.
We are going to proceed.

prometer : to promise

Nosotros le prometemos.
We promise you.

romper : to break

¡No rompe la ventana!
Don’t break the window!

sorprender : to surprise

La fiesta me sorprende.
The party surprised me.

tejer : to knit

Me encanta tejer.
I love to knit.

temer : to fear

Yo no temo nada.
I don’t fear anything.

toser : to cough

Ella tose mucho.
She’s coughing a lot.

vender : to sell

Se vende el carro.
The car is for sale.


¿Qué se vende?
What are you selling?

¿A dónde va a comer?
Where are you going to eat?

¿Quién barre el pátio?
Who is sweeping the patio?

¿Cómo prendo la lámpara?
How do I turn on the lamp?

¿Cuándo corre usted?
When do you run?

¿Por qué come tan poquito?
Why do you eat so little?

¿Cuánto le debo?
How much do I owe you?

¿Cuáles libros le gusta leer?
Which books do you like to read?