Spanish Vocabulary: Common Regular [-ER] Verbs

Spanish Vocabulary: Common Regular [-ER] Verbs

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Spanish Vocabulary: Common Regular [-ER] Verbs
vocabulario español: verbos regulares comunes [-er]

  • Common verbs with an [-ER] ending in the infinitive.
  • Get comfortable working with regular [-ER] verbs.



aprender : to learn

Ella aprende español.
She learns Spanish.

barrer : to sweep

Yo barro el pátio.
I sweep the patio.

beber : to drink

Él bebe un vaso de agua.
He drinks a glass of water.

comer : to eat

Nosotros comemos muy bien.
We eat very well.

cometer : to commit

Ella comete a la causa.
She commits to the cause.

comprender : to understand

Ellos comprenden la tarea.
They understand the homework.

correr : to run

Él corre cada día.
He runs every day.

creer : to believe

Ellos creen en la suerte.
They believe in luck.

deber : to owe / should

Usted no me debe nada.
You don’t owe me anything.

depender : to depend

Ellos me dependen.
They depend on me.

esconder : to hide

Mi gato esconde en la casa.
My cat hides in the house.

exceder : to exceed

No excede el límite de velocidad.
Don’t exceed the speed limit.

leer : to read

Yo leo muchos libros.
I read a lot of books.

meter : to insert / place

Mete el dinero en el sobre.
Place the money in the envelope.

poseer : to possess / own

Él posee un don.
He possesses a gift.

prender : to switch on

Yo prendo la luz.
I switch on the light.

proceder : to proceed

Vamos a proceder.
We are going to proceed.

prometer : to promise

Nosotros le prometemos.
We promise you.

romper : to break

¡No rompe la ventana!
Don’t break the window!

sorprender : to surprise

La fiesta me sorprende.
The party surprised me.

tejer : to knit

Me encanta tejer.
I love to knit.

temer : to fear

Yo no temo nada.
I don’t fear anything.

toser : to cough

Ella tose mucho.
She’s coughing a lot.

vender : to sell

Se vende el carro.
The car is for sale.


¿Qué se vende?
What are you selling?

Voy a vender algo para beber.
I am going to sell something to drink.

¿A dónde va a comer?
Where are you going to eat?

Donde puedo tejer y comer a la vez.
Where I can eat and knit at the same time.

¿Quién barre el pátio?
Who is sweeping the patio?

Mi tia está barriendo.
My aunt is sweeping.

¿Cómo prendo la lámpara?
How do I turn on the lamp?

Tiene que mover el interruptor.
You have to move the switch.

¿Cuándo corre usted?
When do you run?

Yo corro al amanecer.
I run at dawn.

¿Por qué come tan poquito?
Why do you eat so little?

Porque no tengo mucho hambre.
Because I’m not very hungry.

¿Cuánto le debo?
How much do I owe you?

Solo me debe tu vida.
You only owe me your life.

¿Cuáles libros le gusta leer?
Which books do you like to read?

Me gustan los libros que me sorprenden.
I like books that surprise me.


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