Spanish Reading Selections: Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

… A word about reading texts in their original language: This is freaking hard! Yup. Languages can be complicated! Can’t I just use Google translate on this stuff and read it in English? I guess you could… Then why should I read this? Because reading texts like this can accelerate your language learning. So, what […]


Folium: Downhill Bike Race in Valparaiso, Chile via BoingBoing

Folium: Downhill Bike Race in Valparaiso, Chile via BoingBoing For your viewing pleasure, filed under awesomeness. This is an urban, downhill, mountain-biking event in Valparaiso, Chile. Follow the link to BoingBoing and enjoy the video! If you’ve ever seen a map of Chile, you can understand how events like this are pretty commonplace. A long, thin, […]

Folium: Bambucicleta – Bicicletas de Bambú

Folium: Bambucicleta – Bicicletas de Bambú This website flew across my desk a few days ago, and I really didn’t pay it much attention until the name drew my eyes in. “Bambucicleta”, a play of bambú (bamboo) and bicicleta (bicycle), is an Argentinian company that manufactures bicycles out of sustainable bamboo. So, just wrap your brains […]