Spanish Grammar: Adjective Placement

Spanish Grammar: Adjective Placement

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Spanish Grammar: Adjective Placement
la gramática española: la colocación de los adjetivos

  • Placing sentence elements in the correct order.
  • Add detail and context by adding descriptions.


60-Second Spanish Grammar Lesson


In English, adjectives usually go BEFORE the nouns they are describing. This is what we mean by adjective placement, the adjective needs to go in the right place next to the nouns.

I have a red car.

You live in a big house.

We have three difficult classes.

They are funny and intelligent people.

But in Spanish, adjectives usually go AFTER the nouns they are describing.

Miguel es un hombre grande.
Miguel is a big guy.

¿Dónde está el carro rojo?
Where is the red car?

Español es una clase fácil.
Spanish is an easy class.

Yo tengo una amiga feliz, inteligente, y cómica.
I have a happy, intelligent, and funny friend (female).

However, adjectives that indicate the quantity of something are placed in front of the verb.

Yo tengo muchos libros.
I have many books.

Hay pocos estudiantes en la clase.
There are few students in the class.

La profesora tiene treinta estudiantes.
The professor has thirty students.

Hay varias computadoras en el laboratorio.
There are a various computers in the lab.

Just like in English, when using more that one adjective to describe something, use commas in between adjectives and “y” before the last adjective.

Tengo unos zapatos azules, blancos, y negros.
I have blue, black, and white shoes.

Mi amiga es interestante, inteligente, y bonita.
My friend is interesting, intelligent, and pretty.

Mi hermano es gordo, feo, y terrible.
My brother is fat, ugly, and terrible.


¿Qué es ese sonido fuerte?
What is that loud sound?

¿Donde está el hombre alto?
Where is the tall man?

¿Quién conoce un joven guapo?
Who knows a handsome young man?

¿Cómo se conoce el profesor nuevo?
How do you know the new professor?

¿Cuándo viene el taxi verde?
When will the green taxi arrive?

¿Por qué le gustan las películas violentas?
Why do you like violent movies?

¿Cuántas computadoras nuevas hay?
How many new computers are there?

¿Cuál vestido blanco le gusta más?
Which white dress do you like more?


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