Spanish Grammar: First Person Irregular Verbs – Basics

Spanish Grammar: First Person Irregular Verbs - Basics

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Spanish Grammar: First Person Irregular Verbs – Basics
la gramática española: los verbos irregulares de primera persona – los básicos

  • Indicates personal action in a sentence.
  • Attribute actions in the first-person perspective.


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There is a group of verbs that, when conjugated in certain tenses, becomes irregular in the first-person – singular form (the YO form).

Theses verbs have no real connection in meaning, they just have the feature of being irregular in the YO form. All of the other forms (tú, él, ella, usted, etc…) all are regular with no changes in spelling!

Please note that this isn’t all of the possible first-person – irregular verbs, but an example on what most will look like.

Let’s take a look at the verb HACER (to do/make) as an example.

Él/Ella/Usted HACE
Nosotros HACEMOS
Vosotros HACÉIS
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes HACEN

Note how the YO form has a /G/ in it, and all of the other forms do not! That’s why HACER is a first-person – irregular verb.

dar : to give

Yo doy un regalo.
I give a gift.

ver : to see

Yo le veo.
I see you.

poner : to put / place

Yo pongo el libro aquí.
I put the book here.

hacer : to do / make

Yo hago mi tarea.
I do my homework.

saber : to know (facts)

Yo mi dirección.
I know my address.

conocer : to know / have met / be familiar with

Yo conozco su amigo.
I know your friend.

Here are some additional verbs that are irregular in the first person.

conducir : to drive
oír : to hear
salir : to leave
seguir : to follow
traer : to bring
venir : to come / arrive


¿Qué hago ahora?
What do I do now?

¿Qué oigo allá?
What do I hear over there?

¿Dónde pongo el plato?
Where do I put the plate?

¿A quién le doy eso?
Who do I give this to?

¿Quién conozco aquí?
Who do I know here?

¿Cómo lo hago?
How do I do it?

¿Cuántas pizzas traigo a la fiesta?
How many pizzas do I bring to the party?

¿Cuántos pájaros veo aquí?
How many birds do I see here?



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