Spanish Vocabulary: Childhood Activities

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Childhood Activities el vocabulario español: las actividades de la infancia Common activities that are associated with childhood. Discuss personal experiences in the past, present, and future. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics … Study andar en bicicleta : to ride a bike Todos los niños andan en bicicleta. All the children ride […]

Spanish Reading Selections: FEMA – Listo Niños

… A word about reading texts in their original language: This is freaking hard! Yup. Languages can be complicated! Can’t I just use Google translate on this stuff and read it in English? I guess you could… Then why should I read this? Because reading texts like this can accelerate your language learning. So, what […]

Spanish Integrate Tasks: Medical - Children's Growth Charts (El Crecimiento de los Niños)

Spanish Reading Selections: Children’s Growth Charts

… Resources Reading Task Questions: Children’s Growth Charts …   … All images are captured from Please support the featured businesses, and visit their websites for more information! All images are for educational purposes only.

Spanish Vocabulary: Family Members – Extended

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Family Members – Extended el vocabulario español: los miembros de la familia – extendido Common family members (extended relationships). Forge stronger connections and bonds with people. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics LEAF Spanish Vocabulary: Family Members – Basic LEAF Spanish Grammar: The Verb [SER] with Professions and Titles […]