Aero: Kelly Bailey – Costa Rica 2016 – Epilogue

Aero: Kelly Bailey - Costa Rica 2016 - Epilogue

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My biggest fear about going to Costa Rica was not being able to connect with my host family or accidentally offending them. Looking back these fears were nothing I should have worried about.

Kelly Bailey

Kelly Bailey

 Mayra and Pablo were amazing people who were understanding and supportive even when we struggled to communicate.

In addition, I was wrong about believing that there would be less technology.Costa Rica is up to speed with the United States as far as Wi-Fi goes. At times it was hard to not have cell service, but most of the time we were perfectly connected to the rest of the world through the internet.

One thing I was right about was eating a ton of rice, beans, and chicken. I do not think I want to eat rice or beans for a long time.

When we would be looking at parrots or volcanos I would just think how lucky I was to be witnessing nature first hand. In New York I will never be able to see mud baths created by an active volcano. So many experiences from this trip were the first time I had ever seen or done something. My first and second time ever zip lining and riding horseback were both in Costa Rica. Then I ate my first termite (they taste like peanuts)!

This trip has inspired me to not only want to travel and see more of the wider world, but to also take a closer look at the world right in front of my face. This summer I plan to enjoy more the nature right in my back yard of Upstate New York. There are so many National Parks just in New York. Hey maybe I will even pay to get a tour guide, it never hurt to learn more about your own history. I wouldn’t change my experience on this trip at all and I would go again in a heart beat.

The most important thing that this trip taught me was about how important history is making sure we treat each other as human beings well, but we can not forget to treat our planet and all living creature well too. We must learn to coexist without focusing on not hurting each other, yet instead focus on appreciating each other.

Kelly Bailey
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