Aero: David Whitt – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… Firsts started happening immediately for me when we started traveling, as I had never even stepped foot in an airport prior to the trip, so every single thing in the airports were firsts! Something interesting to me was that they had snacks and beverages on the plane. I thought people always bought their own […]

Aero: David Whitt – Costa Rica 2016 – Biodiversity

… The weather in Costa Rica in January is absolutely amazing! Personally, prior to this trip, I had never been even to the south in January, so this was the first time in my life that I had ever seen January so hot. Another first was wearing sunscreen in January. Obviously, with it being so […]

Aero: David Whitt – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… I am generally viewed by most of my family as a fairly picky eater. I don’t typically like to try different things and I usually eat just the basic food (meats, vegetables, fruits, etc.) With that said, the eating part of the trip was one part that really worried me. When we got to […]

Aero: David Whitt – Costa Rica 2016 – City Life

… At home, I live in the middle of the City of Canandaigua, so I am used to city life, but city life in Alajuela was much different. A couple major differences was that Alajuela is much louder all times of the day, had heavier traffic, and it is much harder to cross the roads. […]

Aero: David Whitt – Costa Rica 2016 – Life at Home

… My host family was Maria Marta and Big Marco, and their two sons Marco and Daniel. Walking into the house, we realized that the house was very beautiful! Very neat and tidy, spacious, and had a beautiful backyard with plants all around. They immediately gave an impression that they were very friendly and family-oriented, […]

Aero: David Whitt – Costa Rica 2016 – Learning the Language

… Leading up to the trip, I knew that the biggest challenge for me would be communicating in another language. In Middle School and High School, I struggled in every Spanish class I took, so that gave me a sense that I would be in for a struggle. When we arrived at the airport, after […]

Aero: Ana Northrop – Costa Rica 2016 – Epilogue

… After losing my plane ticket going through security I thought “great, not starting this trip off in a good way”.  After arriving at the airport and having my host family happily waiting for us I realized small things like that don’t even matter anymore.  I was so nervous before i left of the unknown […]

Aero: Ana Northrop – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… I don’t think I’m good at the actual travel part of traveling. I’m good once I get to my destination. An example of this was when we were at the airport to leave for the trip and after going through security I lost my plane ticket.  It was a small struggle to get another […]

Aero: Ana Northrop – Costa Rica 2016 – Biodiversity

… When on the airplane the thirty minutes before when we were going to land I was just looking out the window in amazement at the mountains and green forests. In the airport you could see that we were in a valley surrounded by those mountains and no matter where we went outside of Alajuela […]

Aero: Ana Northrop – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… At home we would have breakfast every day.  It was usually fruit, toast with jam, butter or cream cheese, juice, and tea.  Occasionally Maria would switch it up and make breakfast sandwiches or cheese tortillas.  She would do all of the cooking at breakfast and dinner, I would offer to help but she said […]