Spanish Vocabulary: Numbers 30–100

Spanish Vocabulary: Numbers 30 – 100

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Spanish Vocabulary: Numbers 30-100
el vocabulario español: los números 30-100

  • Express basic concepts of quantity.
  • Build upon the foundation of number patterns.



Learning numbers 30-100 (thirty – one hundred / treinta – cien) is very important in every major aspect of Hispanic culture. You can tell time, buy and sell things, and count anything you want! Knowing numbers is a basic element of communication in any culture!

Here is a useful word to start off with:

cuánto(s) : how much / how many

¿Cuántos estudiantes hay?
How many students are there?

Some of these numbers might look familiar. Many numbers are similar in English, French, Italian, Latin, or even Greek!

The next step is to learn to count by 10’s all the way to 100. You’ll notice that each set of 10 looks very similar to numbers 1-10 and 11-19 too! So, if you learn numbers 1-9 very well, learning numbers 30-100 can be even easier! Don’t forget that spelling counts, watch for accent marks!

diez : ten : 10

veinte : twenty : 20

treinta : thirty : 30

cuarenta : forty : 40

cincuenta : fifty : 50

sesenta : sixty : 60

setenta : seventy : 70

ochenta : eighty : 80

noventa : ninety : 90

cien : one hundred : 100

30-100 is easy because all you need to do is fill in the correct single-digit with each set of ten. There are no more tricky spelling changes or accent marks to worry about!

treinta y uno : thirty-one : 31

treinta y dos : thirty-two : 32

treinta y tres : thirty-three : 33

treinta y cuatro : thirty-four : 34

treinta y cinco : thirty-five : 35

treinta y seis : thirty-six : 36

treinta y siete : thirty-seven : 37

treinta y ocho : thirty-eight : 38

treinta y nueve : thirty-nine : 39

cuarenta : forty : 40

This pattern of matching numbers for each set of ten continues all the way up to number one hundred :

ochenta y cinco : eighty-five : 85

cincuenta y tres : fifty-three : 53

cuarenta y ocho : forty-eight : 48

noventa y seis : ninety-six : 96

treinta y uno : thirty-one : 31

sesenta y ocho : sixty-eight : 68

setenta y nueve : seventy-nine : 79


¿Cuánto cuestan los zapatos blancos?
How much do the white shoes cost?

Los zapatos blancos cuestan cincuenta y seis dólares.
The white shoes cost fifty-six dollars.

¿Cuánto cuesta la falda roja?
How much does the red skirt cost?

La falda roja cuesta cuarenta y dos dólares.
The red skirt costs forty-two dollars.

¿Cuántos años tiene su abuelo?
How old is your grandfather?

Mi abuelo tiene noventa años.
My grandfather is ninety years old.

¿Cuántos maestros hay en la escuela?
How many teachers are there in the school?

Hay mas que cincuenta maestros en la escuela.
There are more than fifty teachers in the school.

¿Cuántos libros se vende en la librería cada día?
How many books are sold in the bookstore every day?

La librería se vende más que cien libros cada día.
The bookstore sells more than one hundred books every day.


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