French Grammar: The Preposition [CHEZ]

… Identify: French Grammar: The Preposition [CHEZ] la grammaire française: la préposition [chez] The French preposition CHEZ has several different meanings, all of which require several words in English.  CHEZ can mean “at someone’s home”, “at someone’s business/office”, “within a group”, “within someone’s nature”, “within the body of work of an author/artist”. Study: The French […]

French Reading Selections: Proust – À la Recherche du Temps Perdu: Du côté de chez Swann

… Take the time to review the following LEAF French Grammar lessons before reading the literary selection for this Module, in order to help you better understand the selection: LEAF French Grammar: The Passé Simple (Historic Past Tense) – Regular Verbs LEAF French Grammar: The Passé Simple (Historic Past Tense) – Irregular Verbs LEAF French Grammar: The Past Anterior … Marcel Proust À la […]