LEAF French Grammar Lessons

French Grammar Lesson Index

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Sounds and Symbols
Sentence Structure
Adverbs and Adverbial Pronouns
The Verb ÊTRE
The Verb AVOIR
The Verb FAIRE
The Verb ALLER
The Passé Composé
The Imperfect Past Tense
The Passé Simple
The Future Tenses
The Present Participle
Verb Endings and Conjugations
Irregular Verbs
Liking and Disliking
Knowing People and Places
Reflexive / Reciprocal Verbs
Comparatives and Superlatives
Object Pronouns
Conditional Phrases
Impersonal Expressions
The Past Participle
Compound Tenses
References to Time
The Perfect Tenses
The Passive Voice
Expressions of Quantity
Necessity and Obligation
The Subjunctive
Relative Pronouns
Verb Conjugation