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Folium: It Takes A Classroom To Learn The Family Language via NPR

… Connect: NPR/CodeSwitch: It Takes a Classroom To Learn The Family Language. … Throughout the United States, there are children of all ages that struggle with their cultural identity due to the suppression of the “heritage language” that their parents or grandparents speak. These kids grew up listening to, watching, or even being spoken to by extended […]

Spanish Vocabulary: Classroom Commands

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Classroom Commands el vocabulario español: los comandos aula Words and phrases most often used in the classroom. Respond accordingly to teachers and students. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Imperatives – Basics … Study ¡Abran su libro! Open your book! ¡Cierren su libro! Close your book! ¡Contesten, por favor! Answer, please! ¡Dénle vuelta […]

French Vocabulary: School and Office Supplies

… Identify: French Vocabulary: School and Office Supplies
 le vocabulaire français: les fournitures d’école et de bureau Schools and offices have specific nouns for tools and supplies. Utilize the correct names for classroom and workplace items, tools, and supplies. Study Don’t forget to pay attention to the number and gender of the nouns, including their […]

French Vocabulary: Classroom Commands

Identify: French Vocabulary: Classroom Commands (les consignes de classe) Often, your French professor will use different expressions to ask you to do certain things in class.  It’s important to be able to recognize the meanings of these expressions so that you can follow your professor’s instructions correctly! Connect: “Salut! Je m’appelle Georges et j’étudie le […]