Terra: Santa Elena, Costa Rica

Monteverde represents Costa Rica’s modern progressive paradox. The balance between preservation of the cloud forests and the willingness to share it with the rest of the world is the subject of no small debate. Monteverde is also far from a day trip, and the excursion to get there is worthy of its own narrative. The […]

Terra: The Road To Monteverde, Costa Rica

Getting to Monteverde is as great of an adventure as the reserve itself. Costa Rica boasts diverse extremes, and the journey from San Jose to the cloud forest is no exception. Language should not be taken for granted, for one man’s molehill is another’s mountain. The “road” to Monteverde can barely be classified as such, […]

Spanish Vocabulary: Camping and the Outdoors

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Camping and the Outdoors el vocabulario español: acampar y las afueras Camping is a common activity in many cultures. Utilize these terms to enjoy the great outdoors. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics … Study el bicho : bug ¡Ugh, tantos bichos! Ugh, so many bugs! el bosque : forest El […]

Terra: Fútbol in Alajuela, Costa Rica

Soccer is not a sport, it’s an experience. The game pervades every aspect of daily life, making it less of a sport and more of a cultural phenomenon. It is a spectacle on par with weddings and festivals, an opportunity to participate should never be missed. Alajuela, Costa Rica is not a major city, more […]

Terra: Playa Esterillos, Costa Rica

Head to nowhere, hang a left at the horses, and you’ll find Playa Esterillos. You’d miss it if not for the ocean at its edges. There are actually three “playas”, West, Center, and East, and the location of all three can only be divined by their proximity to each other. The fact that most people […]

Spanish Vocabulary: Carnivals

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Carnivals el vocabulario español: los carnavales Identify and specify different carnivals and fairs. Celebrate events with people all around the world. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics … Study el algodón de azúcar : cotton candy El algodón de azúcar es rosado. The cotton candy is pink. la artesanía : […]

Spanish Vocabulary: Weddings

… Identify Spanish Vocabulary: Weddings el vocabulario español: las bodas Words and phrases used to celebrate weddings. Celebrate events with people all around the world. … Connect LEAF Spanish Grammar: Nouns – Basics … Study el anillo : ring El anillo es de oro. The ring is made of gold. la boda : wedding La boda es […]

Folium: Food From Around The World via The Huffington Post

Folium: Food From Around the World via The Huffington Post In 2012 Michelle Obama introduced legislation that would revise public school lunches in an effort to bring America’s children back to healthy living and eating habits. The legislation called for more fruits and veggies, less sodium and fats, and a calorie limit for each meal. […]

Folium: Elephants Communicate Too! via National Geographic

Folium: Elephants Communicate Too! via National Geographic Everyone who has ever owned a pet knows that each individual animal has its own personality and method of communicating its opinions and desires. Every living thing expresses its interactions with the environment in some way or another, and we’re finding out, Elephants in particular are pretty dynamic […]

Spanish Reading Selections: How to Pack for Travel

… A word about reading texts in their original language: This is freaking hard! Yup. Languages can be complicated! Can’t I just use Google translate on this stuff and read it in English? I guess you could… Then why should I read this? Because reading texts like this can accelerate your language learning. So, what […]