French Grammar: The Perfect Participle

… Identify: French Grammar: The Perfect Participle la grammaire française: le passé composé du participe présent (le gérondif passé) Study: The perfect participle is used in place of the present participle to discuss an action that occurred prior to the action of the principal verb. The perfect participle for all French verbs is formed with the present participle […]

French Grammar: The Present Indicative Tense

… Identify: French Grammar: The Present Indicative Tense la grammaire française: le temps présent indicatif Study: Verb tenses and moods help identify when (timeframe) or how (intent) an action occurs. Present tense action – Occurs in the present Past tense action – Occurred in the past (already happened) Future tense action – Will occur in the future The Present Tense helps us talk about actions that are […]

French Grammar: Expressing Specific Quantities

… Identify: French Grammar: Expressing Specific Quantities la grammaire française: les expressions de quantités spécifiques Specific Quantities are used to tell how much or how little of something there is. They help us provide more details when we’re describing amounts of things. Review: LEAF French Grammar: Adverbs of Quantity Study: Expressions of Specific Quantities are […]

Terra: The Rich History of the Old World

… Something amazing about France and many other countries in Europe is that you can see just how astonishingly old the country is. Compared to the history of European countries, The United states’ history is just a blink. Of course I knew this before I went to France, but I never realized just how evident […]

Terra: French Style

… Maybe it’s a stereotype to say that the French are fashionable. Not all of them are. There are of course your average Joe’s who just wear jeans and tees all the time. The difference for me was that a larger amount of the population had higher fashion and/or beauty standards than the population in […]

Terra: Personal Space is a Relative Thing

… For anyone going to stay in France as more than just a tourist, it is important to realize something about the French people you may live with and befriend- they will not respect your ideals of personal space. The next time you interact with your friends, think about how far away you stand from […]

Terra: Versailles, Je Vous Adore

Terra: Versailles, Je Vous Adore

… My adventures in Versailles lasted from late October to mid-December. Versailles is a large city, which is about a ten minute drive from Paris… If there is no traffic. In reality it probably takes around a half hour to an hour if its rush hour, or there is always the train. The Versailles palace […]

Terra: In France, We Eat Well

… There are a lot of contradicting stereotypes about France I have heard over the years. Sometimes the first thing people think of is how snobby and perfectly thin all French people always seem to be. Others think of the most delicious crème brûlée, bagettes, fondue, and pinot noir. … … The truth is both […]