Aero: Tiffany Bane – Costa Rica 2016 – Epilogue

… This trip was one that was worthwhile. I had so many great experiences that just went above and beyond my expectations that I had going into this trip. I had so many things I was nervous about for this trip and now I realize I had nothing to be nervous about. … … Traveling […]

Aero: Tiffany Bane – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… During the trip, I experienced many forms of travel. I have taken airplanes, buses, and taxis all before, but international travel is quite different. … … For me, international travel via airplane was very similar to traveling within the US on a plane. One difference between international and domestic travel is that when you […]

Aero: Tiffany Bane – Costa Rica 2016 – Biodiversity

… There are microclimates within Costa Rica, it could be sunny and warm on one street or cold and foggy on another. We experienced this when we went from warm Alajuela to the cold area where the Volcano Poas is. Near the volcano the climate is foggy and colder than the climate in Alajuela which […]

Aero: Tiffany Bane – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… The food in Costa Rica is similar to food in the United Sates, but it is prepared differently. The one place that I got to see where the food was made was at my home. When I was up in time in the mornings, I would watch my host mother make breakfast. Almost every […]

Aero: Tiffany Bane – Costa Rica 2016 – City Life

… The city of Alajuela is very different from the United States. Within the Central Park is the Cathedral, and most cities in Latin America are built with the church facing east and the city built around it. There are several churches in Alajuela and each one had a service when we saw it. In […]

Aero: Tiffany Bane – Costa Rica 2016 – Life at Home

… My host family was amazing, and very loving. Our host mother was always asking the four of us in the house if we needed anything to be more comfortable and were always trying to feed us. Of course we were always ready for food. By the time we got up in the morning, there […]

Aero: Tiffany Bane – Costa Rica 2016 – Learning the Language

… Being in a country where Spanish is the primary language was definitely a challenge. I had some previous knowledge of Spanish from high school but I had forgot a lot of it. Being immersed in the language, and with the people I felt like I learned more about the language then I did than […]

Aero: Tiffany Bane – Costa Rica 2016 – My Expectations

… I’m not sure what to except on this trip, but I love trying new things! I love to travel, and I have been to many states. But I have never been out of the country, and it is something that I’ve always wanted to do, and this is my first opportunity to travel outside […]