Aero: Brianna Cardina – Costa Rica 2016 – Epilogue

… Costa Rica was not what I expected, besides the hot weather. It was not the image I had in mind, it was greater than that. It looked less flashy and touristy in person and more beautiful. … … I thought that the country would be crawling with bugs, but it was as normal as […]

Aero: Brianna Cardina – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… We traveled to so many places. First, it was the city of Alajuela, where we stayed with our host families. There, we would simply walk to our destinations with the help of a map or be driven places by our host families. We explored all of the downtown by foot, and found many interesting […]

Aero: Brianna Cardina – Costa Rica 2016 – Biodiversity

… Costa Rica was a very beautiful place. It was very hot there, every day at least 80 – 90 degrees, no lower. When we went, it was the dry season so we didn’t have to worry about humidity. Also, there were so many plants that I’ve never seen in my life. … … Many […]

Aero: Brianna Cardina – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… The food in Costa Rica was quite good! It was different from what I eat every day. Rice and beans came with many of our meals, and a day without it felt odd. At times, we didn’t know what we were eating so we came up with our own words. … … The Chayote […]

Aero: Brianna Cardina – Costa Rica 2016 – City Life

… Life outside of the house was quite different than what I experienced at home in the US. I’ll start with talking about – quite literally – the outside of the house. There was no front yard or back yard on ours, and many of the others. The house was small, and only two floors […]

Aero: Brianna Cardina – Costa Rica 2016 – Life at Home

… Life at home was the same, yet different. We all ate food together, chatted with each other about our days, and went to bed at decent times. But we had new foods, a language barrier, and an earlier bed time. … … In the mornings, we were waken up at 6 AM or earlier… […]

Aero: Brianna Cardina – Costa Rica 2016 – Learning the Language

… English is my first language. In middle school and high school I took French. I learned how to speak Japanese during my year abroad. But I barely knew Spanish going in to this exchange. Before our travel to Costa Rica, I took Spanish 101 – That’s where I learned hellos and goodbyes, numbers, days […]

Aero: Brianna Cardina – Costa Rica 2016 – My Expectations

… It will be an adventure – totally different from what goes on where I live. I’m nervous, but only because I’m not good at Spanish. The only fear I have is getting lost from the others when we travel. (That, and the bugs). Overall I’m excited and ready to go on this trip. I know to expect adventure, […]