Aero: Alysa Halsey – Costa Rica 2016 – Travel

… This trip was the first time I have ever traveled out of the country. Actually, it was only the second trip I’ve ever taken a plane to get to. So not only was I scared about flying in general, but it was quite a long plane ride to our destination. The first time I […]

Aero: Alysa Halsey – Costa Rica 2016 – Life at Home

… Before leaving for the trip, I honestly didn’t think too much about what it would be like to live with a host family; I had enough to worry about. Nevertheless, the sooner it got to meeting them at the airport, the more real it became, and the more worry I felt. Despite my sudden […]

Aero: Alysa Halsey – Costa Rica 2016 – Learning the Language

… Traveling out of the country is one of the best experiences I believe a young person can have. Living in a place other than the comfort of my home was frightening enough, and when I add in the fact that I couldn’t speak Spanish fluently, it was a nightmare of mine. However, these feelings […]

Aero: Alysa Halsey – Costa Rica 2016 – Food and Dining

… I came to realize that when dining at a restaurant in Costa Rica, it really would be helpful if I knew more Spanish. When we went out for meals, which we often did as a group, it was easier when we needed help because we had our professors who spoke Spanish very well. But […]

Aero: Alysa Halsey – Costa Rica 2016 – Epilogue

… Making the decision to travel to Costa Rica was one of the best decisions I have made so far. Looking back, I am very content with my experience and what little expectations I had before we left, were definitely exceeded. I could not have asked for a better host family to spend my time […]

Aero: Alysa Halsey – Costa Rica 2016 – City Life

… I’ve lived in the country almost my whole life, and for the most part, I’ve enjoyed it. But just like anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to living away from the city. Granted, I get a lot of quiet time and slow traffic. But on the downside, if I want to go shopping […]

Aero: Alysa Halsey – Costa Rica 2016 – Biodiversity

… Living in a small town hasn’t exactly allowed me to become very familiar with other cultures or ethnicities. That is one of the reasons I chose to go on the trip to Costa Rica. There are a lot of aspects to consider that are different when traveling to a different country. Aspects such as […]

Aero: Alysa Halsey – Costa Rica 2016 – My Expectations

… As the day gets closer, my nerves become more apparent to me and my family. I am extremely excited for the trip to Costa Rica but I am also a bit jittery! Traveling to a different country is much different than traveling to a different state, especially with a group of people I barely […]